When The Streets Clap Back (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

Throughout the grimy streets of Newport, Virginia, BKA Bad Newz, there was big money to be made by those who didn't hesitate to get it how they lived.

For SKALEZ and his partners in crime, BLOCK and 40, that meant donning the ski masks, all-black attires and taking what they wanted.

If opposed, they killed, without hesitation or remorse.

After pulling off a very lucrative robbery, Skalez wants to make the transition from jack boy to legitimate business man and settle down with his girl.

While his two comrades go from robbing drug dealers to becoming major dopeboys themselves.

But, as success starts to multiply for the trio, in their different endeavor's, they quickly find out that it's not easy to leave the past behind.

WHEN THE STREETS CLAP BACK, the predators become the prey.

Will the former beastly killaz cower to the streets? Or will they prove that a killa with money will still bust his gun? The answer will leave blood, heartache and a river of tears in its wake.

Part 2:

In the streets there are many savages, but the man known as 40 is unlike any other.

40 is cool headed but beastly and after coming home from a stint in jail and finding out that SKALEZ, his childhood friend has been brutally murdered, 40 is in full goon mode as he searches for the identity of his homie's killer. While 40 was away, BJ, a young hitta has taken Newport, Virginia by surprise.

The audacious baby-faced drug dealer is making power moves and causing jealousy and envy to rear their proverbial ugly heads.

But no beef he encounters is as deadly as the one he'll face when 40 discovers that it was his hand on the trigger that ended Skalez' life. What Goes Around Comes Around and even the most guileful, vicious killers better run for cover WHEN THE STREETS CLAP BACK.

Part 3:

Fueled by unrelenting jealousy and insatiable greed, TOFLON has vowed to fill the hoods of Bad News, Virginia with BJ's blood.

Nothing short of death can stand in the way of his mission as he goes about eliminating his sworn enemy, but BJ is not an easy prey.

He, too, is about the gun play life.BJ has more on his plate than the deadly beef with his arch nemesis.

As they stalk and gun for each other, BJ learns that the person he loves the most has been literally sleeping with the enemy.

With a harsh decision hanging over his head, and the griminess of the streets closing in on him, will the young, flamboyant hustler be able to keep his wits and live to enjoy his riches? Or will loving the wrong one precipitate his downfall? When deceit, treachery and bullets come from all angles, and those he thought he could trust turn out to be poisonous snakes, BJ will be forced to look death in the face without blinking.

One wrong move could cost him his life.

Will he stand strong like the gangsta he claims to be? Or will he be just another deceased hood legend WHEN THE STREETS CLAP BACK?