When the Streets Clap Back: Prepare For War


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Order Your Copy of When the Streets Clap Back at shopsnx.com Throughout the grimy streets of Newport, Virginia, BKA Bad Newz, there was big money to be made by those who didn't hesitate to get it how they lived.

For SKALEZ and his partners in crime, BLOCK and 40, that meant donning the ski masks, all-black attires and taking what they wanted.

If opposed, they killed, without hesitation or remorse.

After pulling off a very lucrative robbery, Skalez wants to make the transition from jack boy to legitimate business man and settle down with his girl.

While his two comrades go from robbing drug dealers to becoming major dopeboys themselves.

But, as success starts to multiply for the trio, in their different endeavors, they quickly find out that it's not easy to leave the past behind.

WHEN THE STREETS CLAP BACK, the predators become the prey.

Will the former beastly killaz cower to the streets? Or will they prove that a killa with money will still bust his gun? The answer will leave blood, heartache and a river of tears in its wake.