Who Shot Ya Part 3: The Resurrection


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ASSATA's life has been a rollercoaster of bullets, blood, and heartbreaking losses.

Somehow, he's managed to navigate the tragedies and remain solid to the core.

But monumental trouble is on the horizon, and it will test what the man is truly made of.

Will his principles remain intact? Or will he become an unprincipled animal who's willing to do anything to survive? Assata craves that which may cause him more trouble than it's worth.

With his heart fixated on guilty pleasures, can he withstand the war he's about to face?  His gangsta is unquestioned.

But everyone in his inner circle isn't as loyal as they pretend to be.

Assata is in a deadly race against time to find out who the serpent might be.

In WHO SHOT YA 3, the snake will be exposed and the terror will reach it's zenith.

Hold your breath