Yayo Part 4: Drill Season


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After 8 1/2 long, grueling years in some of the most trying conditions, YATON ANDERSON AKA YAYO is released from the belly of the beast and back into society.

His once-criminal and violent way of thinking has been transformed into one that promotes peace within the violent gang-infested streets of Chicago.

 Meanwhile Yayo's younger brother, QUAVON, carry's the G.B.C.

torch while dominating the city's drug trade, leaving a path of destruction and mayhem in his wake.

But when OMEGA, a vicious, up-and-coming young gangster seeks revenge on Quavon, the streets runneth over with blood.

Will Quavon go to war with the death struck leader of the Homicide Crew? Or will he bow out gracefully and on his own terms? Will Yayo be able to stay on the path of righteousness while his brother is involved in a deadly street war over money, drugs and respect? Or will he answer the call of the streets in Chi-Raq and assume the very position of power that he opposed?