Zoe Pound Mafia


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The Zoe Pound Mafia biography is a non-fictional account of triumph, tribulation, and injustice.

It indirectly highlights Haitian pride and The American dream.

Through the lens and life of Ali "Zoe" Adam, a Haitian-American exile, who takes a turn through the elaborate streets of Miami, building and underlying one of the biggest urban empires to ever make an impact on the African-American and Caribbean community.

Starting from "The Block," originating at the "White House," all the way to Hollywood, garnering a featured segment for the acclaimed Bad Boys 2 movie debut, starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

Through drugs, money, music and mayhem, watch as he sets you back to a past time with Ganue "Chubb" Rashard, Graylin "G" Kelly and Mcharry "Mac-A-Zoe" Lafontant (original founders of the Zoe Pound Empire) and their many run-ins with the law, and relationships and confrontations with entertainment and Hip-Hop elites like Jim Jones, Rick Ross, P.Diddy, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx and a host of other industry titans that have made an impact towards the Hip-Hop culture.