A Bronx Tale (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Jahmani is smooth, calculating, and vicious underneath his calm exterior.

With dreams of obtaining duffel bags of ill-gained riches and escaping the jungle that is the Bronx, he begins a journey to put his plan into motion.

Along the way, anybody can get some gun smoke if they cross his path, as many will.  It's no secret, New York niccas are the grimiest.

One after the other decides to test Jahmani's mettle.

With a heart as cold as ice, the young savage lets his gun establish just what he's about, but his gun isn't the only one spitting out death in the borough.Will Jahmani ultimately rule the streets? Or will the streets become his dying place?  Beautiful, luscious and forbidden ARI WILLIAMS is the twinkle in Jahmani's eyes.

She is the prize for all that he does.

Could she be the rider he needs during his bloody comeuppance? Or could his pursuit of Ari be a death wish in disguise.