A Gangster's Syn: Obligated to Kill


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LUKE is dripping with sauce.

Although he's made it from the hood to a legal, professional stature, the gangsta inside of him is alive and strong.

When he moves, it's with the backing of his savage friend, TRIGGA, whose gunplay is prolific.

Side by side, the two men won't be denied.

Or will they? Luke isn't just a well-dressed goon, he's a boss in all circles.

Men give him the utmost respect and women want to give him their hearts, but there's only one woman that can have Luke's love.

SYNCERE is an attractive businesswoman focused on getting money and playing life like it's a game of chess.

She doesn't want love, only power.

And her will is unbreakable. When Syncere and Luke's paths cross, the attraction is immediate.

Their union will spark events that force Luke to put down his briefcase and pick up his guns.

In a short time, A GANGSTER'S SYN will lead to power moves, bloodbaths, broken hearts and the annihilation of dreams.