A Hustler's Deceit (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

Smooth, charismatic, yet cold to the bone, ZAYVION MILLER is a true gangsta and a Boss hustler who understands the code of the streets: Get your money, mind your business and punish anyone who threatens your hustle.

And most of all, keep your mouth shut

But when a simple violation turns into a 5-count federal indictment, it becomes clear that others aren't playing by the rules of the game.

In the blink of an eye, it becomes all about self preservation.

Kill or be killed.

Will Zayvion survive the treachery aimed at him by unseen enemies? Will his street honed instincts and killer's heart be enough to overcome the deadly odds that he must overcome in order to outlast another HUSTLER'S DECEIT? When the law of the land becomes Every Man For Himself, it's going to take a real Boss to come out on top in this breathtaking prison saga.

Part 2

ZAVION "ZAY" MILLER is a boss hustler with a quick mind and a sometimes vicious heart.

But that's what it takes to survive in filthy game that spares few.

Zay knows that in the streets, betrayal is much more common than love and loyalty.

One wrong move can cost a man everything he loves, including his family, his freedom, or his life.

Faced with uncertainty in both the game that made him and the wife that gave him everything, only to see it all come crumbling down, what will Zay do? Does he wilt under the pressure or will he crush those who have undermined him.

Will CARMEN remain his rider or will she abandon him when he needs her most? When all of the cards are stacked against a man, and he's facing life in prison, does he honor the code of the streets? Or will everyone around him become a victim of A HUSTLER'S DECEIT?

Part 3

ZAYVION MILLER is as ruthless and skilled when it comes to being the unseen hand, but now that the two people he once trusted with his life have betrayed him for the world to see, what will he do? Is Zayvion out of moves? Or is he so far ahead that he's starting a new game? It's said that two heads are better than one, so with CARMEN and ROCKO firmly aligned, they should easily outwit Zay.

But nothing is for certain when A HUSTLER'S DECEIT reaches an all-time high in treachery and blood thirst.

In this story of love, life, loss, cold blooded murder and calculated mayhem, everybody has a position to play, including side pieces and baby mamas.

Who will remain standing and who will fall? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but a killer's wrath is just as lethal.