A Hustler's Dream (Parts 1 & 2) Book Set


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Part 1

A new start always comes at a price. Dante 'Worlds' is fresh from the joint.

Leaner but more importantly... wiser.

He's smart enough now to not get 'caught up' again.

But also knows a life of crime is unsustainable.

His main goal now is to return to the old game but with a few new tricks.

Ones that will keep him off radar to the authorities.

Once he's stashed away enough coin...

its the 'straight and narrow' for him.

Meanwhile a new 'connect' Worlds made in prison named Fredd aids him in organizing a venture that is sure to pay off very robustly for Dante.

Getting him out of 'the life' for good.

Fredd's past however is a murky one.

Filled with the usual betrayals and lies one commits to survive in the streets.

When his enemies hear of his new dealings with Worlds.

He becomes their prime target, along with those closest to him.

Enter Dominique.

She wants a life with Worlds but upon finding out he's back to his old ways she threatens to depart.

Without his protection she's a sitting duck for Fredd's enemies who're now, Worlds enemies.

Worlds must now close this new deal quickly.

His future and hers...

depends on it.

Part 2

In the streets, deals are made all the time.

Some to keep the peace...

others aim to disturb it.

The alliance between Worlds and Fredd however, was formed to do one thing...


The two hard-hitting gangsters have a literal choke-hold on the East Coast.

Weight don't move and bodies don't drop unless they call the shot first.

But if that's true, then why did someone just launch a brazen bullet-riddled attack against them? Worlds and Fredd survive the attempt and decide to go on offense to flush out the guilty party.

Allowing such an infraction to go unanswered is NOT an option when playing on the level they are.

The man behind the attack is a high ranking narco trafficker named Riggs.

Worlds and Fredd Inc.

have something very valuable to him and he won't rest until he's re-acquired it.

Riggs employs a deadly duo of his own to complete the task, but their loyalties secretly lie elsewhere.

A turn of events that could prove to be fatal for all involved and everything and everyone, they love.