Affliction Part 2: Another Shades of Revenge


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Affliction: Another Shades of Revenge, after the death of his brother, Jon, Danny Boy is on a rampage to get revenge on the one who killed his brother.

But while his foe, hit man and hustler Fame, is busy running the streets, Fame's girl, Promiss's, ex-lover suddenly shows up on her doorstep one morning, and Fame's world is turned upside down.

Fame receives another blow after being reunited with his brother, Asad, and he exacts vengeance on a heartless group of marauders for the vicious beating of Asad.

In Affliction: Another Shade of Revenge relationships are born, friendships are stressed, and loyalties are put to the test.

This urban drama is filled with lust, loyalty, love, larceny, and loss.

Just like Shades of Revenge, it's sure to keeping you in your seat flipping pages the way a good urban novel should.