Baby You're Worthy


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To love and be loved in return is a beautiful feeling. But what do you do when the object of your affection refuses to want you the same way you want them, because in their eyes you don’t quite measure up? Walking away may seem like the most logical and healthy route, but when it comes to that all-consuming, deep-down-in-your-soul type of love, doing so is easier said than done.

Considered an unlikely pair, reformed dope boy Marcus and pampered princess Nikki share an undeniable chemistry. Problems arise when only one of them is willing to honestly acknowledge the obvious attraction. Because she doesn’t believe he fits into the plan she has mapped out for her life, Nikki curves Marcus without hesitation after their first encounter. Unable to see past her fears, she doesn’t realize that he may be the man she was meant to spend her life with.

With the street life in his rearview, Marcus is now a proud uncle and the owner of a thriving business. He’s hoping to add being the man in Nikki‘s life to the growing list of blessings in this new chapter, but she’s not on board with that plan. Although he’s fed up with trying to convince her that he is enough, does Marcus have it in him to throw in the towel for good?

Ride shotgun with Marcus, Nikki, and a few other couples as they navigate through this crazy, drama-filled game of life and love.