Belle & Swirl Secrets (2) Book Bundle


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Belle, named for her beauty, Belle Dubois is as sweet as can be.

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she is always given the best-until her world is turned upside down.

When she away in her second year of college, she receives a call informing her that her parents have been murdered.

She soon finds out that they were broke, and subsequently, so is she.With no home and nowhere to go, Belle is whisked under the wing of a woman named Aria, better known by her stage name, Passion.

Before she knows it, Belle becomes a part of an underground world that she knows nothing about-one filled with bright lights, sexy clothing, and shiny poles.

The money starts to pour in, and soon Belle loses herself in the very same fantasy she gives every night.Her heart has a void that only money can fill, but when she meets a handsome brother named Kidd Bryce, her perspective begins to change.

He shows her a side to life that she didn't know existed.

Just when she is about to say goodbye to the fast life for good, her past comes knocking on her door.The night Belle's family was murdered, everyone was supposed to die - including her.

In a race against the clock, she must find out who ordered the deadly hit in the first place, and why, before her own time runs out.

Swirl Secrets She was chasing a sexual fantasy, and he was just plain curious.

Her dream to explore the land of chocolate matched his longtime need to know if there was truly magic in the snow.Future attorneys Tyson Maxwell Junior and Mallorie Whitaker meet merely by happenstance.

His secret life as a private "entertainer" thrusts him into her path when he's hired to perform at her friend's bachelorette party.

It's lust at first sight for the prim and proper Southern belle of wealth, but Tyson sees her as a sexual experiment that could possibly be the answer to his million-dollar question. Mallorie has always been considered the black sheep of her very affluent family.

Often breaking rules, the one forbidden fruit she's avoided her entire life is a black man.

And because his father abandoned the family for a new life with a blue-eyed blonde when he was a young boy, Tyson has pledged allegiance to sistas forever.

However, his loyalty to black women doesn't keep him from wandering.

So, although Mallorie is engaged to be married soon, and Tyson shares an apartment with his high school sweetheart and their infant daughter, they indulge deeply into a hush-hush sexuation that forces them to face social stereotypes, the racial divide, and prejudices of the past and present.

Even if circumstances beyond their control eventually lead them back on their intended paths, neither will forget the lessons learned from their Swirl Secrets.