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Summer Kennedy is a power player in Atlanta, GA.

She has been on a journey of self-discovery since she was old enough to remember.

From love to the identity of her real parents to her openly brazen sexuality, she has always felt something was missing.  Working side by side with powerhouse lawyer and best friend David Hall, an openly bi-sexual black male, Summer feels a spark with David that dares to challenge the laws of attraction.

Can Summer lose herself in David's erotic call? When Michael, David's friend and ex-lover, comes into town, the game of cat and mouse between two friends changes everything for Summer.

Michael is aware of her sexual desires, and he uses her in his plot against the man who did something so unforgivable that ten years later, Michael is still looking to make him pay.

In order to understand the method to Michael's madness, you'll have to take a walk on the wild side.

Take a journey of learning to accept what society deems as unacceptable.

Find out what happens when you mix sex, half-truths, and hidden agendas with burning lust and sexual curiosity.