Bloody Mayhem Down South Part 1


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South Florida's most powerful drug lord Haitian Black has never been one to give in to paranoia.

He fears no man.

Even in the dope game, which he dominates.

Black is head of the snake to the notorious Haitian Mafia.

A deadly, vicious, well-armed and well-manned drug syndicate that is responsible for moving large quantities of weight throughout the state.

Like any good underworld Kingpin though Black has enemies.

One in particular goes by the name Haitian Polo.

A high ranking member of the infamous Zo'pound gang.

What Zo'pound lacks in manpower and reach, they make up for with a high level of extreme violence that they reign down upon their most hated enemies.

One day when Black and his organization come under attack he instantly suspects Polo.

As Black plots a swift response it starts to become clear that Polo isn't the mastermind behind the hits.

A new player has arrived on the scene.

Will Black be able to shift his focus from Polo in time to defeat this deadly new enemy?