Bred by The Slums: Loyalty in Blood


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Snatched up by Child Protective Services at the tender age of nine years old, SHEMAR was destined for a life of struggle and dysfunction.

But those that counted him out had no way of measuring the heart of a young savage who's been BRED BY THE SLUMS.

As he ages, young, beastly Shemar is motivated by more than just the shine and money that comes from hustling and murder in the hood.

He's determined to rescue his younger sister, PURITY, from them hell she fell in to when they were separated by the system.

With a cold heart and rescuing his sister from the dregs of foster care on his mind, Shemar forces his way into the slums of Cloverlane in Houston, Texas, where it is filled with low-life goons that refuse to fold or bow down to his gangsta.

What unfolds is perverse, epic and breathtaking, as author GHOST spins an insatiable story of loyalty, greed, love, incense and calculated murder.