Bury Me A G Part 3: Crucified By The Streets


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Outnumbered and outgunned by those who are out to kill him, TIAZ finds an ally in a very unlikely person.

Together, they dare to go up against a gangsta whose power is enough to leave them both dead and leaking blood in the streets.

Will their courage help them prevail? Or will it ultimately lead to their demise? WICKED has his marker called in by a band of Shottas back in prison.

To pay off his debt to them, he must execute a man with due prejudice.

Failure to comply with this demand will put his own head on the gauntlet.

Will Wicked kill in cold blood or will he renege on his blood debt and incur the wrath of the vicious Jamaican gang? Meanwhile, UCHE and UDUKA receive information that sets them on the trail of BOXY'S murderer.

They move to avenge their brother and settle the score.

But what they run into is a killer whose murder game exceeds theirs.

Will the Africans return to Nigeria victorious or will they be CRUCIFIED BY DA STREETS?