Confessions of a Gangsta Part 4: The Return of a King


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TAZ is back, alive and well, and he's out for blood! With KIKI missing and no one able to tell him what he wants to hear, Taz goes on a rampage against his enemies, old and new. The Zoe Pound is first on his list.
As the battle ensues, there's a snake slithering around in Taz' own back yard, threatening to compromise him. BELLA can offer Taz little help as she's fighting legal troubles that could imprison her for infinity. Will Bella overcome her legal issues and rejoin Taz' side? Or will she get taken out of the game by a jury instead of an enemy's bullets?
A tumultuous fallout with Massad director, BENJAMIN ARAFAT, makes matters worse for Taz. It becomes apparent that one of these men must die in order for the other one to breathe easy. With death hovering over him, will Taz ever find Kiki?

Or has she already been dealt a fate that Taz seems headed for?