Dope Girl Magic Part 2: Pretty Girls Run The Trap


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Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but TORI doesn't see it that way.

After her failed attempt at dethroning DIESEL, her ruthless father, the good girl turned bad has joined forces with someone just as powerful as her daddy as she attempts to bring him down once and for all. While building up her cred in the drug game, Tori enlists a group of young, hungry, blood thirsty killers to help her eliminate the one man that stands in her way to prominence.

As her newly crowned right-hand man, HONCHO must protect Tori from true enemies as well as fake friends.

Will he be able to see the treachery that is brewing right under their noses? Lurking in the shadows is an unknown enemy, who is hell-bent on taking Tori's crown.

And that bit*h called karma is breathing down the girls' backs.

Will DOPE GIRL MAGIC continue to get Tori and her crew through the dangers they encounter? Or will they finally get a taste of their own medicine?