Dream's Life: So Many Tears


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A young mother will do anything to flee from her abusive and drug dealer boyfriend, but some other people are caught in the middle by this decision, which leads to a series of life-changing events.

Dream, a once-happy girl gets caught in an abusive and frustrating love life with her boyfriend, Cheez, a ruthless and top game player in the underworld.

Dream realizes the life she had always dreamed of will never happen with Cheez, who treats her like a punching bag while he's also busy running the drug connect for his boss, Gomez.

Dream decides to escape with her friend, child, and all the cash she can carry along with her.

Cheez feels Dream leaving him is a sign of weakness as the overseer of the Gomez Cartel, and he will do anything to stop her.

Meanwhile, Low, a member of the cartel who is also eyeing Cheez's position, thinks the best he can do to spite him is to help Dream escape.

Low contracts Dice and Trigga for Dream's escape even though this job will cause Trigga to return to a part of his life he worked so hard to break away from.

Love meets pain and power meets betrayal as everyone fights to make sure their goal is achieved.