Extended Clip Part 2: Armor Piercing Bullets


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The South Americans Cartel has decided that JOKER isn't useful anymore.

Now that he's expendable, his life is in serious jeopardy.

But what the Cartel doesn't realize is that Joker has powerful backup at his dispense and he can't be erased without immediate threat to their own lives. CHALICE's family have embraced Joker full-fledged, making him a hard man to touch.

Chalice, himself, isn't playing any games.

His new deal with The Ghost makes him damn near omnipotent.

Or so he thinks.

But in this dirty game nothing is as it seems. As the treachery mounts, the EXTENDED CLIP gets put to use.

And this time the Cartel might've chosen the wrong family to go after.

Will Chalice and Joker outwit the South Americans? Or will their blood get spilled in vain?