F.E.D.S. # 24


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  • "Red" Dillard Morrison, Once described bt Federal Officials as The Most Dangerous Criminal in the Country
  • True Crime Stories ~ Criminal Activity that has NEVER been spoken about
  • Playaz Circle ~ After a smash hit featuring Lil Wayne, this duo demands respect on the mic and in the streets
  • The Aphiliates ~ The Federal Government treated them like cocaine traffickers but now these mix-tape kings are about to go even harder
  • Chamillionaire ~ After selling millions of records and landing a Grammy, Chamilionaire is out to show that he is still hungry
  • Jazze Pha ~ After being locked up in the studio for 10-years, Phe decided to take an hour lunch break and chop it up with F.E.D.S. Magazine
  • Jacob the Jeweler ~ Ordered to Serve 46 months in prison and pay $2 million in fines
  • Michael Vick
  • Prodigy
  • And More...