Friend or Foe Part 3: Unforgivable Secrets


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As CARMEN lay in a hospital bed, fighting for survival, AMEKIA and BRANDON have no idea of their daughter's whereabouts until they receive a phone call from someone that should have been number one on their suspect list.
 Meanwhile, SASHA is torn between making her marriage work or just accepting the fact that it's over. Unsure of where her relationship lies, Sasha places herself in a vulnerable position, which could lead to major consequences. But Sasha's plight pales in comparison to the hurdles her friend JADE faces.
Months of accepting her HIV status, Jade unexpectedly falls for a guy who seems too good to be true. With her medical condition foremost on her mind, will Jade make the right decision? Or will she be afraid to open up? The once strong sisterhood between Jade, Carmen and Sasha is replete with betrayal and unforgivable secrets, but in a time of great need and trauma, can their broken bond be mended?
Or will they be left to forever wonder if they were FRIEND OR FOE?