Gorillaz in the Bay Part 4: The Conclusion


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VOORHEEZE recovers from a coma and returns to the streets in full beast mode

Now, he's on an all-out mission to prove that he's as gangsta as ever. After stripping DOK HOLLIDAY of his authority, and committing a shocking murder, Voorheeze strongly backs up his belief that Black Lives Really Matter, especially to GORILLAZ IN THE BAY. To make the world pay attention to their protest of injustice, Voorheeze and BATMAN go from killing the police to killing someone higher in authority.

Standing in his way is S.A.C.

Andreatta and her government team of elite agents who will stop at no cost to bring the cop killing duo to justice. Has Voorheeze contradicted their message of Black Lives Matter by falling in love with the white police chief, whose job is to bring him down ? Or is she simply a means to an end, another pawn in this real life game of chess. Will Dok Holliday take Voorheeze to war in order to regain his authority? Or will he see the bigger picture of peace and unity? At stake is the legacy of the Neva Die Dragon Gang.