Heartless Goon Part 4: Cold Blooded Karma


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With precious seconds ticking away, and JAHLIYA's life on the line, JAMICHAEL must do the unthinkable in order to rescue her.

Will time run out before he can execute his deadly plan? Can Jahliya hold on or has she already taken her next to last breath? Meanwhile, after pledging his loyalty to JEFE' PABLO and the Cold Heart Cartel, JaMichael organizes a dangerous revolt against the egotistical kingpin.

Will the HEARTLESS GOON be victorious in his quest to dethrone the boss? Or will he pay a steep price for his disloyalty? With total chaos surrounding them BUBBIE and TAMIA continue to fight each other over JaMichael's unconditional love.

In the process, hearts are broken, betrayal rears its ugly head, and karma shows up to extract revenge.