Heartless Goon (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

JAMICHAEL is intelligent, savvy, book smart and streetwise.

The untimely murder of his beloved mother will force him to call upon each one of his qualities along with that HEARTLESS GOON mentality he inherited from his infamous father, TAURUS. The streets of Memphis, Tennessee are about to test JaMichael's get down as he tries to provide the necessities for himself and his sister, JAHLIYA, who will face epic struggles herself. As death and the sins of his father stalk him, JaMichael's heart is being pulled in separate directions by two women who love him in different ways.

Can a goon afford to entertain love with shooters coming for his life? With the world spinning out of control, and the streets looking to slaughter him at every turn, JaMichael must remain heartless in order to prevail.

But will a woman make him weak and render him defenseless against savage opposition?  

Part 2

After GETTY strategically makes moves that catapults him and JAMICHAEL to the top of the game, they find themselves being hunted by GRIZZLY and his blood thirsty shooters.

Grizzly seeks to avenge SCREW'S death, and the betrayals that lie squarely at Getty's feet.

But, what price will be pay for vengeance? BUBIE gives JaMichael the keys to the streets, but the cost for her assistance could be more than what he bargained for.

Meanwhile, TAMIA is screaming for Jamila Michael's unconditional love, and is willing to do anything to get it.

Even if it means jeopardizing the unthinkable. In the midst of the chaos, JAHLIYA rips off the Duffle Bag Cartel, and they come gunning for what is rightfully theirs.

But, JaMichael refuses to lay down, or let anything happen to his sister without shutting down the city, and painting the streets in blood.

When war, lust, love, and money intertwine and a HEARTLESS GOON unleashes his fury, the game will forever be changed.

Part 3

With precious seconds ticking away and JAHLIYA's life on the line, JAMICHAEL will stop at nothing until his sister is back home, safe and sound.

GETTY reveals dark secrets that could explain why Jahliya was taken in the first place, before the unthinkable happens. Meanwhile, The Duffle Bag Cartel calls for more than JaMichael's blood, and wages war on everyone affiliated with the young goon.

JaMichael is forced to go at them head on with ruthlessness and black hearted ambition, thus painting the pavements of the slums in blood. BUBBIE vows loyalty, while TAMIA keeps a rotten trick up her sleeve to push the odds of winning JaMichael's black heart in her favor.

But when the war closes in on JaMichael and the glory of being with a boss turns into destruction and chaos, true natures and hidden agendas rise to the surface.

Who will be the true Queen to stand beside this Heartless Goon, and which woman's snake-like intentions will be exposed?