It Aint Easy Being a Hoe: Hoe Squad Elite #HSE


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Hoeing takes training and dedication! It ain’t easy being a hoe! This book is centered around the four young 20-something females and one gay male that have become millionaires through different means of hoe hustling or being a hoe with techniques and tricks. The females and male are childhood friends that call themselves Hoe Squad Elite (#HSE.) They showed struggle, insecurities, drama, and laughter, which is similar to some people’s everyday life, but overall it shows true friendship and hustle to get to the top. They explain the power of the pussy! Lucky, the main character who is gay transitioning, comical, feisty guy/girl that ultimately becomes a very wealthy author. Lola is the hoe that uses her pussy to extort to get what she wants. Joy is a sneaky hoe, but very intellectual. CiCee is a ratchet hoe but a Grammy-winning recording artist. Amber is born into wealth but very lonely. They all come from different paths with different struggles and under privilege adversities but had found it advantageous to build an empire that is catered to their special niche as a means to create wealth—BEING A HOE! And Their favor quote is “WATCH YA MAN CUZ ….HE LOVE WHAT I DO!