Jack Boyz N Da Bronx Part 3: Ski Mask Way or Da Fast Way


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The JACK BOYZ N DA BRONX are back with more deadly intrigue than ever before. KNIGHT and his ruthless crew of gunnaz are kicking in doors again, as they seek revenge on those who have tried to kill them. Soon, they will be offered an opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to gain unimaginable riches. Are they ready for this wave? Or will their unfathomable ruthlessness keep them from attaining generational wealth?

 Lil K survived a gunshot to the head. Will his near-death experience cause him to fall back from the mayhem that surrounds him? Or will be become a menace to the man who tried to murder him?

Meanwhile, BIG BLAZER's gang is on the rise in NYC, but when Knight and his powerful team return to the city, the two drug gangs are on a deadly collision course that could shake the earth.

When these two brutal teams clash, bullets fly, bodies drop, and betrayals surface as death comes calling.