Kingpin Dreams Part 2: No Snitches, No Suspects


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After his dreams turn into nightmares in the Feds, MALISS vows to return to the streets and lay it down like no one before him has ever done.

With freedom just around the corner, Maliss seems destined to pursue his lofty but attainable goal, but trouble awaits him. Will AYESHA cripple his finances? Is ROE BLACK who he claims to be? How will the opps feel about being on a paper diet? Will J-RACKS be able to keep his Kingpin status in Sin City once Maliss is released? With enemy after enemy doing everything in their power to stagnate his riches and shatter his dreams, Maliss must finesse his way around the devious schemes of others who seek to bury him in dirt or inside a prison for life. Getting money is a way of life for Maliss, but greed, jealousy, and selfishness has an expensive price that can only be paid with death.

Will this thoughtful, magnetic hustle get brought down by the company he keeps? Or will Maliss enforce the code of NO SNITCHES, NO SUSPECTS upon those who stand in the way of his KINGPIN DREAMS?