Lipstick Killah: Greatness Comes To Those That Take It


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Order Your Copy of Lipstick Killah at Born into the unscrupulous, male-dominated, lifestyle of drugs, murder and money, REIGN had no time for love, she was all about that bag and folding niggas up.

Using a heart-shaped pattern drawn with her favorite lipstick, as her calling card, the beautiful female assassin leaves bodies crooked and cold, and she feels no empathy for her victims.

But one man is after what she hides from the world, the woman inside of her that wants to be loved.

SENAJ ain't a killer or a thug, but he's everything Reign desires and needs.

Will her secret life cost her the man of her dreams? Will those she's vowed loyalty to allow her to fall in love and walk away from the deadly game of murder-for-hire? Or will THE LIPSTICK KILLAH suffer the cold, bloody demise she's served others? When the heart wants what is prohibited, many lives will come into danger.