Lipstick Killah Part 2: Me Against the World


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  All of her life, REIGN strived to follow in her father's footsteps and become the most skilled and accomplished assassin in the game.

Using her beauty, guile and keen sense of judgement, the sexy female killer reaches the pinnacle of success, as far as murder-for-hire goes.

Now she's finding out that sometimes you lose even when you win.

After rescuing her boyfriend, SENAJ, from her uncle's clutches, Reign finds herself questioning everyone's loyalty.

In her profession, trusting the wrong person leads to a grisly death or a long prison sentence.

Is Senaj friend or foe? Will Reign's womanly desire to know true love when she's away from the callousness of her profession cause her to suffer the same fate she's served to so many others? As Reign fights to save her relationship, startling events happen that make her take on the mantra ME AGAINST THE WORLD.

And when THE LIPSTICK KILLAH is in that type of mindset, any and everybody can feel the heat of her gun.

As they will soon learn