Loyalty Ain't Promised: Live and Learn


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Love and loyalty keeps MAHOGANY by SUPREME'S side while they travel a long, precipitous road that's filled with many ups and downs.

Being a true ride-or-die female, Mahogany stands ten toes down with her man until signs of Supreme's disloyalty presents itself one too many times.

And all hell is about to break out.

With the help of one of Supreme's side chicks, Mahogany is on a mission to get what she deserves and more.

Will Supreme regret crossing Mahogany more than he regrets any mistake he's ever made in the streets? Or will Mahogany's scorn be her undoing? When ties are broken and strict boundaries are crossed, LOYALTY AIN'T PROMISED.

Sometimes what seems like a win can be the precursor to a catastrophic failure just around the corner.

But who will suffer in the end? Supreme or Mahogany?