Midnight Cartel Part 2: Envy and Greed


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RYAN has proven time and time again that his murder game is official, but there are many more tests to come.

As his stature continues to grow, the MIDNIGHT CARTEL recognizes his ambition.

Now the pressure is on.

Will Ryan put the state of Delaware in his pocket? Or will his lofty aspirations lead to a downfall? Where money and street cred is plentiful, so are the hands of the devil.

With cocaine heaven right at his fingertips and the chance to rule the hood within his grasp, secrets will emerge and friends will become bitter foes.

In the midst of the bloodshed, new alliances will be formed. Will Ryan lay down the hustle for his new table of bosses? Or will his plans backfire and leave him stuck in a deadly quagmire, where the only rule is that there are no rules at all?