Midnight Love


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Jayce McKay and Aleric James are the typical young urban couple, living and loving in Milwaukee. Jayce works for the Federal Courthouse, with aspirations of them buying a house and moving away from the bad influences in their neighborhood. Aleric is the new late night host at WLUB hot 109.7 the Midnight Love Show. With his sidekick Jason, they bring that Old School flavor and adult conversation to the airwaves. Latoya Montgomery, the station's secretary, is beautiful and enticing. If she has her way, no one would refuse her advances. With her signts set on Aleric, she won't take no for an answer even if it kills him. The truth has been buried for so long and is finally coming to a head when Jayce has to go home before her past threatens to take over her future. Will Aleric continue to be the man she loves standing by her side? What secret ties these people together? And will their secrets destroy them all?