Misguided Lust


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Mya. Samantha. Deidra. Three sexy and voluptuous women caught up in a tangled web of lust. Mya, who's never met a penis she didn't like, is desperately trying to juggle two men. She has an insatiable appetite for kinky sex, but at some point even nymphos get worn out. Or do they? Samantha doesn't do married men but once her thirst for the golden rod kicks in, she'll do just about anyone. She loves using men for her sexual pleasure but playing with someone's heart can be dangerous. Falling for Mya's ex was never a part of Deidra's plan. She was happily married until she caught her husband screwing around on her. Now that she has a new man in her life, she wants a divorce. But her husband doesn't. Although he was in the wrong, he refuses to let go. Three women intertwined in exotic tales of lust. And for one of them, it could prove to be...deadly.