Mobbed Up: The (ST)Art of War


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Hailing from West Side of Chicago, RELL is no stranger to gang life and criminality, and his gangsta is unquestioned.

After serving time in the most dangerous prison in the city, the young G comes home with a new mindset.

Rell is determined to steer clear from murder, mayhem and thuggery.

But the murder of a close friend changes those plans and forces Rell to get MOBBED UP again. As events unfold and gunplay intensifies, Rell finds peace in the company of TAMERA, a delectable beauty who could be his way out of the streets he knows so well.

Will their relationship become a blessing or a curse? Will Rell be everything Tamera ever prayed for? Or will they bust Hell wide open together? In a city where gang affiliations are the norm and gun violence is an everyday occurrence, Rell thrives amongst the most heartless of men.

But in his personal affairs, things might not be as they appear.