Raised As A Goon Part 5: Reap What You Sow


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TAURUS thinks the worst part of the war on him and his family is over until he returns home and discovers that his enemies have touched someone close to his heart and soul.

Reeling from the unexpected atrocity, Taurus must find a way to steady his mind and respond with cleverness and unrelenting force.

Being RAISED AS A GOON has its advantages, if he can think before reacting.

But will he have the patience to plot strategically before clapping back? Or will his murderous mindset be his downfall? Meanwhile, HOOD RICH demands Taurus' assistance, as he takes on a deadly crew of lunatics out of Philadelphia that are gunning to keep Hood Rich off the throne.

One wrong move may cause Taurus his life.

Complicating Taurus' plight are the women in his life.

While he's hustling, killing and risking his life to protect and provide them with all that they want, they're at each other's throats, vying for his love and a commitment, which causes unnecessary drama and distraction.

Can one man handle this much chaos in his life and still come out on top? Or will the sins of his past finally force him to REAP WHAT HE HAS SOWN?