Renegade Boys Part 4: Death by Destruction


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RODRIGO and the clan is out for blood.

When their guns come out, there's hell to pay and no amount of hope and prayers can silence their weapons.

Death and destruction didn't have to happen, but FLOYD and BIG JIM didn't know how to leave well enough alone.

Now they must pay.

All the players involved in this game of cat and mouse has been identified.

Not even the wrath of God will be able to stop the revenge that Reese's bloodline is seeking.

Blood will spill until street justice is served.

When bullets begin flying back and forth, the RENEGADE BOYS are tested to the limit of gangsterism.

Will Floyd and Big Jim finally quiet Rodrigo and his brother? Or will the notorious siblings show and prove that they can't be conquered? When it's all said and done, there can only be one empire living large and in charge.

Which criminal dynasty will outlast the other?