Rise To Power Part 3: Sex, Drugs and Karma


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KALEB'S world is spinning.

BUDDY has forcibly snatched up RAYVEN, the woman closest to Kaleb's heart, and the game has just turned graveyard serious.

Things are compounded by more treachery when others in Kaleb's family get kidnapped.

With well strategized attacks threatening to end his reign, will the RISE TO POWER be worth the losses Kaleb will suffer? A'JANI comes to Kaleb's aid, bringing along a ruthless mentality, and a perceived loyalty that is much needed in the battle Kaleb faces to stay alive and in control.

But is A'jani friend or foe? Is his loyalty real? Or does he have a hidden agenda? Kaleb must sift through the ashes of war and try his best to not be burned along with those that he has sworn to protect with his life.

If he fails to navigate the many twist and turns on the road to survival in the world of crime, the result could be an ugly death.