Shorty Got A Thug


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Hailed as one of the best authors of street literature, Ca$h is back with this gritty, vicious, and compelling tale of a young beautiful career woman who is deeply in love with a thug that she can't seem to let go in spite of his many transgressions.  Shorty Got A Thug is a stunning portrayal of Niesha's undying love for Brazen, and Brazen's unrelenting love for the streets.

it is a novel that lays to bare the shocking truths about the drug game.

Shorty Got A Thug unveils the greed, betrayal, violence, and even the heartbreaking love that comes with the fast life.

It is a close to true account of a thug's obsession with the life, and how his obsessions puts everyone that loves him at risk.  As Brazen stacks bodies along his climb to the top, will his quest eventually push Niesha away? Or will Niesha get caught in the crossfire when Brazen's fiercest adversary strikes back, taking grimey to a whole new level? What price will Niesha pay for loving a thug?  Ca$h masterfully spins a story that can only be told by someone who has intimate knowledge of what he writes about.

The characters are unforgettable and the dialogue is jaw dropping.

This book will hold you from the first page to the last, and it will stay with you long after its conclusion.