Steady Mobbin (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

MARSHAWN ANDERSON, better known on the streets as O-DAWG, is steadfast on making his crew, Mob Life, the biggest and most respected drug gang in Portland, Oregon.

The clique of dangerous goons live by the creed "Mob up or get shot down." Many will swear by this motto, while many more will die opposing it. O-Dawg isn't just a thug, he's a hot rapper who's being courted by the largest record labels in the industry, but he would rather rock a gun than a mic.

Will this decision cause him to lose everything he cherishes, including those closest to his heart? Or will his murderous get down bring him more riches and street cred than the music industry had to offer? The road to the top of the unscrupulous drug game is littered with betrayal, backstabbing and deceit.

The bond between friends isn't always as strong as it seems when duffel bags of money and jealousy is thrown into the mix. Meanwhile, O-Dawg is about to find out that other crews won't hesitate to clap back.

When the bodies begin to pile up and the cops get hot on their trail, what will these young gangstaz do? Will they turn on one another? Or will it remain STEADY MOBBIN' to the penitentiary or the grave?

Part 2

O'DAWG is shot up and fighting for his life in the county jail, while he is facing a life sentence for murder.

Just when he feels like things couldn't get any worse, it does

He stumbles across the real identity of BOOBIE's killer.

And what he finds out is earth shattering and causes blood to pour out of his eyes

He vows when he hits the streets, the city of Portland will never be the same.

The Gutta squad is still trying to destroy what he built up by any means necessary, especially while he is locked up.

The Mob life have been taking hits from the outside as they crumble from within.

Will O'Dawg be able to keep his empire from falling or will he be the one to destroy everything? When secrets from the dark come to the light, loyalties will be tested and the streets will be flooded with blood as every man fights to stay alive.

It's no longer over money, it's personal now.

Blood in my Eyes is a story of extreme treachery, disloyalty, greed, money and pride.

Who will live? Who will die?

Part 3

When BURNSIDE slayed GOTTI he should've known that for MOB LIFE retaliation was a must.

Now it's an all-out war with no end in sight.

Bodies are falling, homes are being devastated and dreams are being snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

Will the streets remain in a constant flux? Or will the cops bring an end to the gunplay that has the morgues spilling over? Meanwhile, the movement that O-DAWG put together has been split down the middle with each side gunnin' for each other.

O-dawg has the whole city turning their backs on him and teaming up with Burnside just to see him fall.

Like sharks in the water they smell blood and they're coming for it.

Burnside will stop at nothing to be king of Portland, no matter who has to die or has to be crossed.

Will he let the money and power go to his head? Or will he remain a humble killer, STEADY MOBBIN'?