Snus!: The Complete Guide to Brands, Manufacturing, and Art of Enjoying Smokeless Tobacco


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The very first tell-all snus encyclopedia of its kind!

You don't have to light up to enjoy tobacco! Swedish snus has a unique position in the world and is continually being developed through a thorough choice of tobacco, well­-tested flavorings, and high quality production methods. Both large and small producers employ master blenders in order to create new and exciting snus products—all based on over 200 years of global expertise. 

A unique snus culture is developing and it’s one that has an exciting future ahead of it. More and more snus users are finding their way around the rich and varied range of products available and are starting to discover the rewards of choosing different snus varieties for different occasions. Today’s users take knowledge seriously, and just as we do with drinks, for example, we match our snus to different occasions. Snus is well on its way to becoming an integral component of the gastronomical experience.

This volume on snus is the first of its kind. It covers today's modern snus, how it’s manufactured and who makes it, as well as which factors influence the end-result. It also goes over the history of snus, the myths that surround it, its failures, and its successes. The book also tells you how to taste-test and rate snus—and the art of enjoying it. It offers advice on how to buy and store it, and guides you through more than 200 tested and ranked varieties of snus.