The Realest Killaz: Cartel Soldier


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JOAQUIN is a merciless enforcer for The Blood Brothers Cartel.

His reputation as a one of THE REALEST KILLAZ is deeply entrenched throughout the country, and it affords him an easy life.

But his entire world is turned upside down when tragedy strikes and he has to flee the organization. Joaquin finds himself in Los Angeles where he meets BILLIE, a hit-woman just as relentless as himself.

They fall madly in love and she eventually gives birth to their first child, ANNABELLE.

But a jail stint for attempted murder breaks up their happy family and puts Billie in the arms of GOD, a revered kingpin. Behind the wall, Joaquin plots how to assassinate his lover's new man and get his family back.

But the mission is full of danger.

Will the brazen hitta succeed in his quest? Or will he find himself on the wrong side of the gun this time?