To Die In Vain: There's A Thin Line Between Seeking Revenge And Seeking Justice


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Order your copy of To Die In Vain by ASAD here at Stephon is a young, black man who's innocent of the world's hate and racial division, until he witnesses his father get gunned down by a cop.

In an instant, everything Stephon knew, including his belief in the justice system, is broken beyond repair.

And when a flawed system fails to prosecute the officer responsible for his father's death one thing becomes clear to the bitter wears a badge.  Filled with anger and an insatiable thirst for vengeance, Stephon takes the law into his own hands.

And this time the punishment will fit the crime

As Stephon's anger bristles and more and more policemen become the target of his rage, what will it take to stop him? Will it be the bullets of the boys in blue? Or will a special kind of love show up in Stephon's life, heal his heart and show him that he doesn't' have To Die In Vain?