Toe Tagz: Show No Love


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DONK came from desolate beginnings but with the heart of a savage boss, he refused to be held down by his circumstances.

Each calculated move that he makes is designed to uplift himself and his tattered family, who he loves unconditionally.

By his side is MUN, his Day One shooter.

Together, they put TOE TAGZ on anyone that stands in their way.

Success doesn't come easy for Donk but through the struggle, he stands tall with a smile on his handsome face.

Things get complicated when family members of Donk decide to take certain matters into their own hands, causing the type of blowback that threatens the whole family's demise.

Meanwhile, when Mun unwisely decides to mix business with pleasure, the cost is bloody and catastrophic.

Will Mun and Donk be able to overcome such a big mistake? When the glitter of the game turns dull, and the pair is dealing with snakes and eating with fakes, it's only a matter of time before street dreams become nightmares.