Trap Bastard: Born to Die, Bred to Kill


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Born and raised in Philadelphia's infamous Richard Allen projects, where bodies dropped on a daily basis, AJ's only means of survival are a ski mask and a gun.

But when a botched robbery lands him in prison with a two-year sentence, his stick-up kid ambitions are quickly transformed into a deadly desire to takeover the reigns of his father's empire-The Almighty YBM. Upon his return, the projects that AJ left behind are in an uproar, dominated by the two factions that his father placed in position.

The two sides are bullets away from an all-out war, leaving AJ with two options: play the role of a mediator or create more chaos that will further the divide. Will AJ's crafty wit and fearless desire to shed blood for the sake of gain be enough to make him the YBM's next King? Or will the young TRAP BASTARD prove to be too smart for his own good, immersed in a dangerous game that he simply cannot escape?