Yayo (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

Growing up on the murderous streets of Chicago, Illinois, YATON ANDERSON A.K.A.

YAYO falls into a life of crime at a very young age and is convicted of a brutal homicide.

After serving a "juvenile" life sentence, Yayo is released back to the streets as a full grown man who's on a "win at all cost" paper chase.

Yayo's once tender heart has been turned ice cold, and he has the mind to match.

In a short amount of time, he puts together the Get It Boy Click, and they reign terror throughout the city's drug trade, while Yayo's family prays for him to leave the streets alone.

But the addiction to power, fast money and seductive women are hard vices to quit.

With rival gangs and gangsta's, along with crooked cops, gunning for their heads, will Yayo and his crew be able to survive the disloyalty and treachery that cause the demise of so many other drug gangs? Or will their blood be the next to soak the streets that they ruthlessly and unapologetically fight to own?

Book 2

After being sentenced to life in the Feds, YAYO is sent to U.S.P. Pollock, in Louisiana, one of the county's most violent penitentiaries.

Faced with a new dilemma, Yayo is forced to adapt to another level of violence, as he bottles his own demons in pursuit of a positive charge.

But never forget, once a beast, always a beast.

Meanwhile, with Yayo cased up in prison, QUAVON answers the call of the streets.

He is determined to pick up where his brother left off.

As Quavon climbs the ranks of the G.B.C., his ambition is fueled by a thirst for power.

But will Quavon's street ambitions get derailed by the deceit and disloyalty that threatens to ignite a war within the gang's infrastructure? Quavon is equipped with the wisdom bestowed upon him by Yayo.

He's adept at applying it to orchestrate the murders and demise of his foes by using their own deadly shooters against each other.

Having nothing to lose and everything to gain, will the G.B.C.

rise to supremacy? Or will they fall at the hands of their treacherous enemies?

Book 3

As YAYO gets close to his release back into society, he tries to stay on a righteous path, but the everyday violence inside of the maximum security prison where he's doing his bid will come knocking at his cell door.

Will Yayo be able to avoid shedding blood? Or will the code he lives by dictate he unleash savagery on his foes? Meanwhile, on the streets, QUAVON and the Get It Boy Clique are keeping a stronghold on Chicago's drug trade.

When Quavon relaxes his guard, the goons come gunning for his throne and a killing spree occurs.

The deadly streets of the Chi has birthed another violent drug gang.

The Homicide Crew, a murderous band of killers who have no fear.

When the two cliques collide, will the G.B.C. survive the bloody animosity from a worthy opponent, or will the Get It Boy Clique's position of power come to an end?